New customers & bigger baskets.

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IGA Red Oval partner Upside drives incremental profit to grocery stores by promoting your store to qualified shoppers via their app.

Upside partners with IGA grocers to offer:

  • A proven incremental sales lift driven by personalized offers
  • Behind-the-scenes implementation with low lift from IT, operations or store associates
  • A performance-based pricing model – if you don’t profit, you don’t pay

"Unlike other marketing programs I've tried, Upside can be measured. With Upside I'm able to tell on a daily basis how well it's performing for us, not only with incremental sales but with profitability and return on that investment."

Jeff Maurer, Owner of Maurer's Market IGA


Participating IGA stores see:

of customers are new

increase in basket size

customer visits

customer spend

IGA grocery partners already earning new profit with Upside

Carlie Cs

Between introducing us to new customers and giving Carlie C's shoppers more value for their dollar, there's a lot to be excited about.”

mack mclamb headshot

Mack McLamb

President of Carlie C's IGA

Upside: The profit that grocers need

IGA Vice President Heidi Huff and Upside Grocery Director Alyssa Ziegler discuss how the Upside platform connects shoppers to grocery stores using personalization promotions. 

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