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Results from our partners


more monthly visits from existing customers


higher monthly spend by existing customers


of Upside users are new to site



in incremental profit delivered to retailers

Gain access to a marketplace of 30 million people

How Upside works

Use data you already have

We use your transaction data to determine customers’ expected purchase behavior at your location

Personalize offers

With that data, we deliver Upside app users the personalized offers they need to choose your store

Measure net-new transactions

To determine Upside’s true impact, we measure how users’ visits & spend change over time vs. a control group

Earn incremental profit

Only pay for profit. Marketplace fees only apply to attributable, net-new sales 

What our retail partners are saying

What Upside has done is given me a proven customer acquisition tool that I can go to our franchisor and say, ‘These customers that are now ordering from us, came from this partnership.’ And to be honest, in the 22 years I've been doing that, I've never been able to validate and give my 100% stamp of approval that these customers came from this partnership. And now I can do that.

Ryan Swanson, VP of Marketing at Prairie Pizza

Unlike other marketing programs that I've tried, Upside can be measured and other programs are very difficult to find out or determine if in fact it was worth the money that I spent, if it really helped our sales and it got the reach to the customer that I was looking for. With Upside, I'm able to tell on a daily basis how well it's performing for us, not only with incremental sales, but with profitability and return on that investment.

Jeff Maurer, Owner of Maurer's Market IGA

Over the years, as we saw it grow and we saw Upside expand to millions of customers and millions of users and Rideshare partners and all of this, we thought, here are all these millions of customers and users. They're using this platform, whether we're on it or not, so we better get on it. When they look at that map, I want our stores to pop up.

Doug Vollberg, General Manager of Thompson Kenny

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